Construct Validity - OPQ & JTI

Once we have ascertained the reliability of a test, we must address its validity. It is important to know that the constructs we are measuring are valid, that it is indeed measuring the characteristic it purports to measure. The following data demonstrates that the dimensions of the 15FQ™ are consistent with similar measures of personality.

The OPQ and the 15FQ™

A sample of 55 graduates completed both OPQ, FMX and 15FQ™ as part of a selection procedure with a major car manufacturer... 

Correlations between 15FQ™ and OPQ Factor
OPQ FMX Scale 15FQ™ Scales
R1 Persuasive Outgoing .36 Assertive .33 Enthusiastic .39 Socially Bold .39 Self-Doubting -.32 Radical .33
R2 Controlling Outgoing .53 Assertive .32 Enthusiastic .49 Socially Bold .53 Restrained -.32 Self-sufficient -.35
R3 Independent Assertive .42 Restrained -.37 Radical .47
R4 Gregarious Outgoing .60 Enthusiastic .65 Socially Bold .59 Restrained -.38 Self-doubting -.36 Self-sufficient -.50
R5 Socially confident Outgoing .59 Enthusiastic .34 Socially Bold .51 Self-doubting -.33 Self-sufficient -.38
R6 Caring Assertive -.41 Conscientious .39 Suspicious -.49 Distortion .40
T1 Imaginative Calm-stable .41 Conscientious .35 Conceptual .30 Self-sufficient -.32
T2 Traditional Enthusiastic -.31 Restrained .33 Radical -.54 Disciplined .39
T3 Change Oriented Outgoing .46 Assertive .45 Enthusiastic .59 Restrained -.35 Radical .30 Self-sufficient -.37
T4 Forward Planning Conscientious .34 Distortion .30
T5 Methodical Conscientious .64
F1 Relaxed Calm-stable .41 Suspicious -.45 Self-doubting -.62 Tense-driven -.71 Distortion .31
F2 Tough Minded Sensitive -.37 Self-doubting -.53 Tense-driven -.48 Distortion .52
F3 EmotionŐl Control Assertive -.41 Restrained .31
F4 Optimistic Outgoing .44 Enthusiastic .33 Socially Bold .35 Suspicious -.42 Self-doubting -.57 Self-sufficient -.50 Tense-driven -.59 Distortion .29
F5 Active Outgoing .32 Calm-stable .37 Self-sufficient -.37 Distortion .39
F6 Competitive Assertive .52 Suspicious .35
F7 Achieving Conscientious .32
F8 Decisive Assertive .31 Enthusiastic .30
D1 Distortion Assertive -.30 Conscientious .39

It can be seen from Table 13 that the 15FQ™ dimensions tend to correlate quite well with similar OPQ factors. For instance people who are assessed as outgoing on the 15FQ™ tend to be assessed as Persuasive, Controlling, Gregarious and Socially Confident by the OPQ. High scorers on the OPQ Methodical scale tend to score highly on the 15FQ™ Conscientious measure and high scorers on OPQ Traditional dimension tend to score low on the 15FQ™ Radical measure. The OPQ dimension Relaxed has a very high negative correlation with the 15FQ™ Tense-driven measure. The social desirability scales of the two questionnaires also correlate quite highly. Some unexpected results were observed. These include the relationship between OPQ measure of Imagination and 15FQ™ Calm-stable. This seems to be explained by the OPQ measure which itself correlates with OPQ scales from other domains.

Relationship between the 15FQ™ & the JTI

Data was collected on the total standardisation sample of 5575 individuals for both 15FQ™ and JTI measures. The results in the table below show very good congruence between the two measures. Extraverts on JTI tend to be assessed as Outgoing, Enthusiastic and Group-orientated on 15FQ™. Highly Intuitive people will be Conceptual and Radical and those who are rated as Judging in JTI terms will be Conscientious, Conservative and Disciplined. There is somewhat less correspondence between 15FQ™ and the JTI Thinking-Feeling dimension although good correspondence was found with 15FQ™ scales measuring sensitivity (Intuitive), emotionality (calm-stable) and self-doubt, suggesting that Thinking-Feeling reflects thinking-style and emotional temperament.

Correlations between 15FQ™ scales and JTI (N=5575)
15FQ™ Scale
Socially Bold

EI Extraversion/Introversion
SN Sensation/Intuition
TF Thinking/Feeling
JP Judgement/Perception 0
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