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If this is the first or only questionnaire being administered give an introduction as per or similar to the example script provided.

Continue by using the instructions EXACTLY as given.Say: 

"From now on, please do not talk among yourselves, but ask me if anything is not clear. We shall be doing the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire which has no time limit, however most people take about 30 minutes.During the test I shall be checking to make sure you are not making any accidental mistakes when filling in the answer sheet.I will not be checking your responses."

WARNING: It is most important that answer sheets do not go astray.They should be counted out at the beginning of the test and counted in again at the end. 

Distribute the answer sheets

 Then ask:

"Has everyone got two sharp pencils, an eraser, some rough paper and an answer sheet.

 Rectify any omissions, then say:

"Print your surname, first name and title clearly on the line provided, followed by your age and sex. Please insert today's date which is [   ] on the 'Comments' line."

 Walk round the room to check that the instructions are being followed. 

WARNING: It is vitally important that test booklets do not go astray.They should be counted out at the beginning of the session and counted in again at the end. 

Distribute the booklets with the instruction:

"Please do not open the booklet until instructed."

Remembering to read slowly and clearly, go to the front of the group and say:

"Please open the booklet and follow the instructions for this test as I read them aloud."(Pause to allow booklets to be opened).

 This is a questionnaire concerning your interests, preferences and feelings about a range of things.

 You are asked to choose between three possible answers, a, b, or c.When you have selected your answer, record this by blackening the corresponding box on your answer sheet.

 For example:


1.       I like to watch the news on T.V. 

a. true

b. in between

c. false


 If your answer choice is "true", you would fully blacken box "a" against question 1 on your answer sheet."

Check for understanding of the instructions so far, then say:


1. Do not spend too much time considering your answer to each question.The information given in a question may not be as full as you would wish, but answer as best you can.

2. Please try to avoid the middle (in between) answer wherever possible.

3. Be as honest and truthful as you can.Don't give an answer just because it seems to be the right thing to say.

4. Make sure you answer every question, even those which do not seem to apply to you.

5. If you wish to change an answer, please erase it and insert your new answer."

Then say very clearly:

"Is everyone clear about how to do this test?"

Deal with any questions, appropriately, and then say: 

"Please turn over the page and begin"

Answer only questions relating to procedure at this stage, but enter in the Administrator's Test Record any other problems which occur.Walk around the room at appropriate intervals to check for potential problems. 

When everyone has completed the questionnaire:


Then say:

"Thank you for completing the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire."


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