When the 15FQ+ questionnaire is administered on screen, the test is automatically scored and profiled by the system. In the pencil and paper format, there are two available methods for scoring the test:

A self-scoring answer sheet is available. By following the directions detailed in the appendix of the test manual, the test administrator can obtain raw scores on the sixteen personality factors and the Social Desirability Scales and plot those directly on the adjacent sten profile chart. Scores for the Faking Good, Faking Bad, Infrequency and Central Tendency Scales are not available in the self-scoring pencil-and-paper format.

For those test users who have the software based test administration and scoring system,two further options for test scoring are available. Firstly, item data can be entered on the appropriate screen or secondly, computer-readable answer sheets can be scanned. The software system will then automatically generate raw and sten scores for the 15 factors as well as the Intellectance Dimension, response-style indicators and Global Factors.

Scoring the 15FQ+ involves converting the raw scores for each factor to standardised (sten) scores. Raw scores are standardised using a norm table that coverts them into sten scores. For hand scoring, the test administrator can use the norm table that is built-into the profile chart. Raw scores are converted into sten scores by marking a cross on the appropriate raw score on the profile chart that corresponds to the sten score for that factor. (Alternatively, it is possible to refer to norm tables constructed from the user's own in-house norms - where available - in order to convert raw scores to sten scores.)

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