Construct Validity - FIRO-B

Once we have ascertained the reliability of a test, we must address its validity. It is important to know that the constructs we are measuring are valid, that it is indeed measuring the characteristic it purports to measure. The following data demonstrates that the dimensions of the 15FQ are consistent with similar measures of personality.

Relationship Between 15FQ and Firo-B

A sample of 92 individuals completed both the 15FQ and the Firo B as part of selection and assessment procedures for a number of organisations. The next table displays the significant correlations between the two tests.

Correlations Between 15FQ & Firo B (N=92)
15FQ Scales
Outgoing .53 .26 .26   .38 .34  
Assertive     .44 -.38      
Enthusiastic .30 .22 .33   .29 .25  
Conscientious     -.24        
Socially Bold .43 .23 .24   .35 .21  
Restrained     -.27        
Self-doubting .30   -.26 .20      
Self-sufficient -.58 -.38 -.23   -.42 -.37  
Disciplined   .63          
Distortion     -.23        

EI Expressed Inclusion

WI Wanted Inclusion

EC Expressed Control

WC Wanted Control

EA Expressed Affection

WA Wanted Affection

The above table demonstrates some interesting relationships between the 15FQ and the Firo B. It can be seen that the 15FQ extraverted factors Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Socially Bold and Group Oriented correlate well with the Firo Expressed Inclusion scale - a measure of an individuals need for social activity. The Firo Wanted Inclusion scale, which shows how much a person desires others to include them in their activities also correlates with the same 15FQ dimensions, but less strongly. The reason for this difference could well lie in the fact that Wanted Inclusion includes those individuals who wish to belong to groups even though they make no effort to be included. Thus it is possible that some Introverts might like to overcome their basically shy personality and express a wish to be included in social activities. A high score on the Firo Expressed Control scale indicates an individual that likes to exert control and take charge of things and people. The 15FQ scales of Assertive, Enthusiastic, Direct and Confident are all related to this scale. As would be expected the Firo Wanted Control scale, indicating a need for others to take control, bears something of an inverse relationship in 15FQ terms. Thus the 15FQ factors of Accommodating and Self-doubting show the highest correlations with Wanted Control, and these are the opposite ends of two scales important for Expressed Control. The Firo scale of Expressed Affection is correlated with the 15FQ factors of Group Oriented, Outgoing, Socially Bold and Enthusiastic. These same factors are approximately as strongly represented for the Wanted Affection scale, suggesting that the needs to give and receive affection are very similar in terms of basic personality traits.


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