The 15FQ™ is a normal range personality questionnaire which has been developed specifically for use in industrial and organisational settings. The assessment was developed on a large sample of applicants drawn from a wide range of occupational groups, making it particularly appropriate for use in human resource assessment and selection.

The 15FQ™ is a modern alternative to the 16PF versions 4 and 5. It measures fifteen of the sixteen original adult personality factors proposed by Raymond Cattell. It is the ideal comprehensive personality assessment questionnaire designed to have all the advantages of the 16PF, yet avoids the problems associated with low reliability on some of the 16PF version 4 and 5 scales, and poor cross-cultural transferability of many of the items.

What the 15FQ™

Designed to measure the original 16PF factors more reliably and with up-to-date and culturally sensitive items, the 15FQ™ covers the most characteristic ways in which people think, feel and interact with others. The 15FQ™ items have been carefully crafted to avoid gender, race and evaluative bias with published research demonstrating that the 15FQ™ does not unfairly discriminate against minority groups.

The 15FQ™ takes approximately thirty minutes to complete and measures fifteen different personality dimensions. These have been selected for two reasons. Firstly, for their relevance to personnel assessment and selection decisions, and secondly, because extensive research evidence demonstrates their validity. Thus, the client can be confident that the 15FQ™ measures meaningful and useful aspects of the candidate’s personality.

Faking and Careless Responding

In addition to the personality dimensions, the 15FQ™ incorporates three response style indicators. These measure the extent to which respondents are presenting themselves in a socially desirable manner, the tendency for the middle item to be endorsed, and the chances of random responding by the respondent.

15FQ™ Reports

The 15FQ™ produces computer-based assessment reports which take the form of individual reports, profile-matching reports (where an individual is compared with an "ideal" profile for a particular job role), compatibility reports and group reports. This makes the 15FQ™ an extremely sophisticated tool for use on an individual or large group basis. The report and interpretation can be directed towards a number of ends: selection, development, team building and careers advice are but a few examples.

Reports and interpretations provide candidates and clients with the following information:


Interpersonal style

Thinking style

Patterns of coping with stress

Management Team Roles

Leadership Styles

Subordinate Styles

Selling Styles

Career-Theme Styles

Potential Strengths

Potential Development Needs



Temperamental-Calm Stable




Retiring-Socially Bold

Factually Realistic-Intuitive




Confident-Self Doubting

Conventional Radical

Group Oriented-Self Sufficient


Relaxed-Tense Driven




Creative-Tough Minded


Low Control-High Control

The 15FQ™ provides the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of personality available in a relatively short questionnaire. Existing 16PF users will find the 15FQ™ style and structure comfortingly familiar, with items and reporting that is succinct and up-to-date. 15FQ™ items avoid the use of terminology that could be viewed by respondents as culturally or sexually biased. This is confirmed by some of the most extensive validation evidence for any personality questionnaire. For example, the 15FQ™ has predicted effective performance in retail management and trainee solicitors.


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