Criterion-related Validity

Criterion-related validity demonstrates that an assessment is useful in predicting a real-world outcome, such as performance.  The following details studies where the 15FQ™ has been able to predict such outcomes.

Predicting Effective Performance in Retail Management

A major UK based electrical goods wholesaler administered 15FQ™ to a randomly selected sample of 39 branch managers whose performance was rated by District Managers. The performance rating was made independently without reference to assessment data on a simple four point scale as follows:

Exceptional: Fully able to plan, co-ordinate and control resources to maximum effect.

Good: Fully able to plan, co-ordinate and control resources to good effect.

Acceptable: Able to plan co-ordinate and control resources to a satisfactory level.

Poor:Unable to plan, co-ordinate and control resources to a satisfactory level.

Four 15FQ™ dimensions were found to have a relationship with the performance measure. The results suggested that those managers who were rated as more effective tended to be more practical, realistic, self-sufficient and emotionally resilient. A multiple regression analysis was undertaken to determine the overall relationship between the four measures and job performance. The findings suggested that the three of the four 15FQ™ measures above were able to account statistically for about 20% of performance determinants. The table below provides the summary findings.

15FQ™ Predictors of Retail Management Performance

Multiple Regression results:

R=0.54        R2=.29        R2Adj=0.23         F(3,35)=4.75           p=0.007

15FQ Predictors Beta Weight >p-level
Calm-Stable vs. Emotional 0.32 0.03
Factual-Realistic vs. Intuitive -0.39 0.01
Self-sufficient vs. Group-dependent 0.33 0.03

Prediction of Job Performance ratings for Trainee Solicitors.

A sample of 30 trainee solicitors were assessed by their direct managers at the end of the first year. Each was rated on a five point scale (5 = excellent, 1 = poor). The Following correlations were observed: 

15FQ™ Correlations with Performance Ratings of Trainee Solicitors

15FQ™ Predictor

Correlation Coefficient

FA Retiring vs. Outgoing .31
FC Emotional vs. Calm-Stable .41
FE Accommodating vs. Assertive .31
FH Reserved vs. Socially Bold .40
FO Confident vs. Self-doubting -.51
FQ4 Relaxed vs. Tense-driven -.35


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