The 15FQ+® Personality Questionnaire
The second edition of the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire (15FQ+®) represents a revision and update of the 15FQ, which was first published by Psytech in 1992. The original 15FQ was developed as an alternative instrument to the 16PF series of tests; measuring the personality dimensions that were first identified by Cattell and his colleagues.

What the 15FQ+® Measures
The 15FQ+® measures the same personality factors discovered by Cattell and colleagues over 50 years ago with higher reliability and validity than has to date been possible. In addition, the 15FQ+® asesses a number of criterion measures such as Emotional Intelligence, Team Role, Management and Subordinate styles and an “Attitude to Work” scale.

What's new in the 15FQ+®?
By taking advantage of recent developments in psychometrics and information technology, Psytech have produced a shorter, yet more reliable measure of Cattell's personality factors. Most significantly, the 15FQ+® incorporates a number of recent psychometric innovations; making these developments widely available to the test user for the first time. These innovations include the addition of a measure of Dimension fB (Intellectance), which was excluded from the first edition of 15FQ for theoretical and practical reasons. The 15FQ+® also includes dedicated scales for both Emotional Intelligence and Work Attitude, both considered essential indicators of performance at work. Finally, 15FQ+® extends the number of response style indicators to ensure that invalid profiles are identified.

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